In occasion of the event “Il colore in giardino” (Colours in the Garden) at the Capitanio Nursery in Monopoli (Bari), The Pino Pascali Museum Foundation presents the contemporary art exhibition MèchanéContemporary Art in the Botanical Garden Lama degli ulivi.

Opening Sunday 31st of May at 9.30 am

This exhibition, curated by Antonio Frugis and Roberto Lacarbonara, presents the works of two artists, Miki Carone and Francesco Schiavulli, who meet in the natural surroundings of the botanical garden of Lama degli Ulivi. The surroundings play an important part in the works of both artists as it gives them a strong anthropological, archaic and social identity. In fact, it explains the close connection between humanity and nature: a sort of dialogue that uses different languages to turn vision and space into action and transformation.

Francesco Schiavulli’s “Machines” lead the viewer along an emotional path by ways of organic and corporal solicitations which become a sounding board for new points of view on nature and history: the artist re-directs misshapen, unstable and fluctuating perceptions. In the “Last Supper”, inspired by Leonardo’s work, the Apostles and Jesus’ gestures are rarefied to the maximum point of reduction: the ears of the depicted figures describe the apprehension of the divine message replaced by men’s fossilised “speech”.

Miki Carone acts in total harmony with his surroundings, despite being aware of the unattainability of natural beauty. Inspired by ambitions typical of the Renaissance, the artist perceives the impossibility of representing the world by means of a misleading artifice such as the work of art. He therefore expresses his desire for total freedom by imprisoning three garden trees in chains.

  • Miki Carone, Prigione