12 artists, four municipalities: SAC is back «Mari tra le mura: nel blu dipinto di Puglia» ( Seas between Walls: in the deep blue of Apulia). The project, at the second edition, brings once again contemporary art to the historical buildings of the municipalities of Conversano, Rutigliano, Mola di Bari and Polignano a Mare. These have been selected by public tender. The commission includes Rosalba Branà, director of the Pino Pascali Foundation, Domenico Matarrese Responsible for SAC in the municipality of Polignano, and Edoardo Trisciuzzi and Nicola Zito, both art historians.

The artists are: Fonte & Poe (Julia Gabriela Potapczuk and Alessandro Fonte) from Bremen (Germany); Petr Košárek, from Prague (Czech Republic); Ignazio Fabio Mazzola, from Bari. These artists will work in Conversano (former Monastery of Saint Benedict). Chiara Cunzolo, Livorno; Endri Dani, Scutari (Albania); Pierpaolo Miccolis, from Alberobello, protagonists of residencies in Rutigliano (Palazzo San Domenico). Paolo Ferrante, Lecce, and CRISA (Cristina Mangini and Elisa Zambetta) will be staying in Bari-Aosta. Antonio Delli Carri, Foggia, will be resident, instead, in Polignano, Palazzo San Giuseppe (former Pino Pascali Museum). Federica Gonnelli, Campi Bisenzio (FI), Sara Svati, London (UK) and Giulio Rossi, Turin will be working in Mola di Bari, Casa della Cultura (Palazzo San Domenico – Former Town Hall ).

Residencies are coordinated by Nicola Zito and Edoardo Trisciuzzi for the Pino Pascali Foundation. The theme on which residencies are based is Art Nature Territory. This project calls on artists to measure themselves against the realities of the territory, with the aim of activating cultural contaminations and new opportunities for relationships with art. In Mola di Bari the three artists will work in the Casa della Cultura, at Palazzo San Domenico (former Town Hall).

In more detail, Giulio Rossi presents the project Pascolare (Grazing), in which he will analyse local realities from a historical point of view – through drawings and incisions. He will also look into the relationship between man and nature, and nature and the man-made world, with traces left by the past and the future. The artist and scenographer Sara Svati will work on the concept of refusal, she will look into the geography and sediment of the Molese coast by making a sculpture, which morphologically reminds one of a coastal landscape, out of waste material collected and turned into plastic. Finally, Federica Gonnelli, from Florence, in her project Musa (Muse), intends to create a video-installation based on the relationship between man and the environment, thus offering the possibility of living a full emotional experience in which all the different sensory systems will be stimulated. In Polignano a Mare the artists’ residence will be Palazzo San Giuseppe (former Pino Pascali Museum) where Paolo Ferrante will present Retaggio (Legacy), a project based on a research study concerning the local tradition of fishing seen as a symbolical guide to the local people’s collective imagination, through the use of fishing nets on which images aimed at creating a sort of mysterious alphabet have been applied. Cum grano salis is instead the name of the project by the duo CRISA, an installation which uses salt to bring to mind the relationship between Polignano’s sea and local children’s education and upbringing, thus conveying a feeling of nostalgia for the past with the aim of giving back to memory those thoughts and feelings that remind us of our school years. On the other hand the Mappine (Little Maps), presented by Antonio Delli Carri, find their way into the cracks of his research, in other words the work is composed by a rag of draperies covered by a texture of colourful splinters. For his residency he presents a light blue Mappina laid down on the floor that conveys the idea of the sea shaken by waves.

As for residencies in Conversano and Rutigliano, the main themes developed by the artists are those connected to different aspects of a more social-anthropological nature. In Conversano, in the former Monastery of Saint Benedict, the duo Fonte&Poe present a video which is a summary of a collective performance which explores the interpretation of symbols and working techniques. Petr Košárek instead offers an insight into the different aspects of today’s life in the countryside. Ignazio Fabio Mazzola makes a film about manor farm and its architecture without architects. Finally, in Rutigliano, in Palazzo San Domenico, Chiara Cunzolo will present a photographic project developed in the territory and focused in particular on the way men live space and transform their surroundings. Endri Dani will work on the relationship between Albania and Apulia through the circulation and exchange of traditional objects. Pierpaolo Miccolis will conclude by showing a series of works connected to an anthropological research and inspired by the figure of “Gura”, a folkloristic character typical of popular superstition.

An important element that all the artists share is the relationship with the local population- and in particular, the emotions offered by the sea and the communities of fishermen, but also the topic of education, of documentary research, the recording of the most specific or unusual perspectives. The programme essentially revolves around a first phase of research on site and a following step in the laboratory. At the end of the project, an exhibition will be held in the spaces where the artists have had their residencies and will open on the 10th of October.

SAC «Mari tra le mura: nel blu dipinto di Puglia» ( Seas Between Walls: In the blue sea of Apulia) is a project financed by the Apulia Region within the framework of the PO FESR Apulia 2007-13 Axis IV «Promotion of natural and cultural resources for attractiveness and development », in the municipalities of Polignano a Mare, Mola di Bari, Conversano, Rutigliano.


Palazzo San Giuseppe ( former Pino Pascali Museum)
Via Mulini

Casa della Cultura (Palazzo San Domenico – Former Town Hall)
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Monastery of Saint Benedict
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Palazzo San Domenico (Whistle Museum)
Via Leopoldo Tarantini


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