25th and 26th of June as well as the 8th of July between art and cinema
With Doug Aitken, Takashi Murakami and Francesco Vezzoli
Curated by Alessandra Mammì, overall coordinator Santa Nastro

The Pino Pascali Foundation opens the summer season with an event that focuses on the connection between contemporary art and moving images. The Foundation will hold different initiatives concerning video-art productions and artists or directors that have worked in both these fields that are constantly sharing languages and narrative or anti-narrative tools. This multi-disciplinary approach, as well as the idea of a dialogue between different languages, is the focus of the Museum’s program, also taking into consideration the artistic-creative legacy left behind by Pino Pascali, after whom the Foundation takes its name and inspiration for the projects it presents.

In collaboration with the National Film Archive – Experimental Cinematography Centre in Rome, Florence film festival “Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival”, Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd with the collaboration of Alessandra Mammì as curator and Santa Nastro as overall coordinator, the Pino Pascali Museum will host three events which are part of the Art/Movie festival. The 25th and the 26th of June, as well as the 8th of July, will be dedicated to artists who have taken on cinema as a means of communication. For this first edition, the Museum has selected Doug Aitken, Francesco Vezzoli and Takashi Murakami as leading artists who can make these two forms of art interact. Francesco Vezzoli will also take part in the event in order to show how this project could ideally be seen as an extension of the ART/TREVI project held in Rome at the Trevi Cinema and curated by Alessandra Mammì.

The first appointment will be on Saturday 25th of June at 8.30 pm with Francesco Vezzoli and his Comizi di non amore (2004). The evening will be curated by Alessandra Mammì, who will also introduce the event, in collaboration with Rome’s Film Archive. Conceived as a re-interpretation of Pasolini’s documentary, the film recreates a psychological territory in which the audience is invited to talk about themselves and their opinion on life as a couple and romantic relationships. Inspired to today’s reality TV shows and realised exclusively for the Fondazione Prada in Milan, the film is edited following the styles dictated by popular television programmes.

Sunday 26th of June at 8 pm the Museum will present Takashi Murakami’s Jelly fish eye with Asuka Kurosawa (2013). Masashi, an elementary school pupil, finds some flattened cardboard boxes in the house he has just moved into. A strange creature similar to a jelly fish comes out of one of the boxes. Masashi gives this strange but pretty creature a name, Kurage Bo, and the two become friends. Masashi puts Kurage Bo in his bag and takes him to his new school. The other students and the adults cannot see Kurage Bo. Murakami is a Japanese artist, sculptor and painter. His works, inspired to themes and styles dear to his country’s mass iconography, are monumental symbols of contemporary Japanese culture and society. The event was realised thanks to Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.

The last appointment of the event will be held on the 8th of July at 8.30 pm with Doug Aitken’s Station to Station (2014). Golden Lion at Venice Biennale in 1999, Aitken realises a 60-minute film which is made up of 60 one minute long films. It is a journey on a high speed train Atlantic to Pacific, a film that unfolds through meetings and performances by artists, musicians and dancers. In the summer of 2013, a train designed as a solid light sculpture by the American artist Doug Aitken crossed the United States from New York to San Francisco in the space of 24 days. It stopped at 10 stations along the way and hosted a series of happenings, each one of which was unique and original considering the special location and creative mix of the people who took part in it. The event is organised in collaboration with Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, Florence.
All events are free of charge. In occasion of the evening dedicated to Francesco Vezzoli, visitors will be kindly asked to leave their mobile phones at the entrance.

Saturday 25th of June, 8.30 pm: 
Comizi di non amore, directed by Francesco Vezzoli (2004), length: 63’ 50”

Sunday 26th of June, 8,30 pm:
Jellyfish Eyes, directed by Takashi Murakami (2013), length: 101’

Friday 8 th of July, 8,30 pm:
Station to Station, directed by Doug Aitken (2014), length: 60’

In collaboration with the National Film Archive in Rome, Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival, Florence, and Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.


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