This year marks the 50th anniversary of Pino Pascali’s death. The artist passed away on the 11th of September 1968 at the very young age of 33. The Foundation named after him, will dedicate this year to celebrating his memory with a series of talks, workshops, meetings, exhibitions and conferences.

The opening celebration will be the exhibition Dialogues 3.0. Pino Pascali and Claudio Cintoli, which will run from the 24thof March to the 30thof September 2018. Curated by Rosalba Branà, the exhibition is part of the series Dialogues launched in 2014 with Dialogue 1.0 “Pino Pascali and Luigi Ghirri. The Sea and The Sky ”, which put side by side Pascali’s work “32 mq di mare circa” ( Circa 32 sq. m of Sea) (the Foundation had this work of art restored for the occasion) with Infinito ( Infinite) by Luigi Ghirri. The  2015 edition of the exhibition “Dialogues 2.0.Pascali and Bonalumi, Castellani, Fontana, Manzoni” analysed from a historical and scientific perspective, the connection between Pascali’s white  Finte Sculture (Fake Sculptures) and possible influences from Milanese trends, such as: substance, spatiality,  anti-sculpture.

With Dialogues 3.0, Pino Pascali and Claudio Cintoli, the Pino Pascali Foundation presents the “ Open Works” of the two artists in which the theme of Time  plays an important role. What Pino Pascali and Claudio Cintoli have in common is a strong interest for an archetypal world and what lays beyond it.

Both artists believe in the importance of  “man” as the centre of the concepts of time and space, as well as the fundamental relevance of establishing connections between knowledge and magic-archetypal thought and mythopoeic thought. The following works realised by Pino Pascali in 1968 will be included in the exhibition:  Cavalletto (Easel), Cesto ( Basket) , Arco di Ulisse ( Ulysses’s Arch) and Liane (Lianas).

The same year signs the production of SKMP2’,  Luca Maria Patella’s video, which represents a  summary of the artist’s entire philosophy, closely connected to Cintoli’s 1972 performance Crisalide (Chrysalid), considered an example of the Arte Povera Movement. The exhibition will include the following works by Claudio Cintoli:  Sbarramento (Barrier, 1964), E-sorcismo (E-xorcism, 1964), Fune con sette nodi (A Rope with Seven Knots, 1969), Annodare (Knotting, 1969), Chiodo fisso “5” P.M. 31 (1970), Crisalide (Chrysalid, 1972). The catalogue, edited by the Pino Pascali Foundation, includes articles by  Rosalba Branà,  director of the Pino Pascali Foundation and Ludovico Pratesi, critic and curator.



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